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Environmental Management

All the sub products originated of its processes are totally recycled with the least rate of waste possible.

Seal Environmental Management - Metal Coat

Alert to the precautions with the preservation of the environment, the company dedicates special attention to the emission of pollution control. Metal Coat centralizes all the productive process based upon the fundamental principle of the sustainable development, with the focus in the reduction in the utilization of the non- renewal natural resources.


We believe the social/environmental responsibility must permeate the essence of the business. It is not done by isolated, not attached from the entrepreneurial operation, but it involves activities and decisions intimate associated to the way that Metal Coat interacts to the societies in which is inserted.

Achieving entrepreneurial activities in a sustainable way worldwide that is the premise that Metal Coat considers essential to grow, prosper in a long term view and aggregate value to the mark.

Developing activities through the Environmental Management System, guaranteeing the continuous improvement in the environmental accounting and environmental impacts.

Developing economical activities with the human appreciation through the workmanship, enabling and opportunities, without prejudices and physical limitations. As well as transforming communities and increasing the rate of Human Development.

Developing environmental activities and/or social, in order to promote the environmental education and incentive to recycling of materials focusing The Third Sector.

Through the social/environmental responsibility and mutual cooperation, we improve our products, give value to the Brazilian industry and yet diminish the possible environmental impacts. For those who believe in the vitality the future is the sustainability.

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